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Art Saves Lives Mke creates new perspectives, reveal truths, and depicts the stories of the unheard with the use of visual art.


Art Saves Lives Mke uses creativity & visual arts to transform, inspire, and empower lives by creating new perspectives and personal identity.

History / Biography

Art Saves Lives MKE is just what it says, saving lives with the arts. Art Saves Lives was founded by visual artist, educator & activist; Nick Hansen. After many years of working as an artist and urban educator Hansen felt that the stories and beauty of urban Milwaukee were not being seen. In the summer of 2017, Hansen discovered photojournalism was the best visual tool for capturing the truth and beauty within the urban community, pictures not often revealed by mainstream media. Hansen also worked on community murals to bring a visual, spiritual, and artistic awareness to issues such as unity, transformation, and social justice. Upon returning to the art classroom, Hansen realized creativity is often overshadowed or even suffocated by policy and procedure. The artistic youth starving for the creativity that creates new perspectives in their lives. Art Saves Lives MKE is bigger than, Nick Hansen, it is the heart and vision of a God-sized dream. Art and creativity personally saved the life of Nick Hansen, and God has now called Hansen to empower other’s lives with the magic of art.

Before I realized the calling God gave me of  bridging art with youth in urban spaces, I was in love with vintage automobiles & motorcycles but now my my driving force has a higher purpose.

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