A picture is worth a…. (you know the phrase).
Images define our culture and community.
Photography freezes a moment in time.
As a trained illustrator and educator,
The below photo-journalism of Nick Hansen reveal:
“The stories often unseen & untold”…….

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For hire: Contact Nick Hansen - www.artsaveslivesmke.com 


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2 blk -2 stromg3rd-North-Keyone21&burleigh BBQ22&burleigh-Sisters w books35th&North-Mom-Red truck39th&Center-Peace Garden-BILLBOARD39th&Center-Peace Garden-Boys-Bike39th&Center-Peace Garden-GAB39th&Center-Peace Garden-Vaun414 life-keyonatkinson park- harleyBlk MKE- Vel Phillps- Empowerment MarchCC at Woodland PatternChurch-27th ST-Prayer-BibleChurch-27th ST-Prayer-Bible-crossoverChurch-CA Lewis-Refuge FellowshipChurch-God is DopeChurch-j-carneyChurch-j-carney-closeChurch-Prophetic FIRE-OBY-AjamouChurch-terrel-ajamoufree hugsGarfield Days-Fried Twinkies-DO itgirl road dancer - 22-Burleighhomer blow bday for kidshomer blow bday for kids--Juneteenth - Blue dress ladyJuneteenth - Dad w SonJuneteenth - groppi mural- bibleJuneteenth - mlk library - dad daughterJuneteenth - mom holding girlJuneteenth - mom w muralJuneteenth - rainy-umbrella dashikiJuneteenth - rainy-umbrella faceJuneteenth - Rep-David BowenKwanzaa-dance sisters in circlekwanzaa-dancer-nia-sistersKwanzaa-Onfyah-Blonde BraidsKwanzaa-Umoja-Adedepo-Gwen MooreKwanzaa-Umoja-Prayermke flyers- atkinson parkMoody Park - Face painted Pink hoodiemoody park - sisters wagonMoody Park - wood chip jumpers - black tMoody Park - wood chip jumpersmoody park - wood chip princessNO Studios- John RidleyNo Studios-Jeff CanadyNo Studios-John Ridley-No Studios-John Ridley-Ugandasedan smith - mlk-LocustSherman Park Rising Mural - j.RileySherman Park Rising Mural - Nyesha StoneSherman Park Rising Mural - Tia RicharsonSherman Park Rising Mural - Tia Richarson-NeighborSherman Park Rising Mural - Wendy'ssherman park-sedan-1-year-anniversary-of-syvilleSherman Phoenix--AndersonsSherman Phoenix-Clyde-Jan-Joanne-DancingSherman Phoenix--Joanne-juliSurvivor Bday-backSurvivor Bday-frontSurvivor Bday-hair playSurvivor Bday-smile-armSurvivor Bday-sunflowerSurvivor Bday-tearsTAY-Peace MarchTAY-Peace March-Fearless Gun ControlTAY-Peace March-Vaun-Naetia-richardson-sherman-park-rising-mural-late-night-projection-nick-hansen-2017tia-richardson-sherman-park-rising-mural-nick-hansen-2017vaun-sherman-park-water









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